Buy Fentanyl Citrate 100mcg/2mL Injection Vial, USP, CII


Fentanyl, a potent opioid agonist, was developed in the 1950s to fill a need for strong and rapid analgesia. Because of these characteristics, fentanyl is commonly used to treat chronic cancer pain or in anesthesia.Label, Fentanyl is related to other opioids like morphine and oxycodone.

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Fentanyl treats severe, ongoing pain that cannot be controlled with other medicines. Also, This medicine is a narcotic pain reliever. Therefore, You can buy Fentanyl Citrate injections online without prescription from Our Trading – Online Pharmacy.


Missing a dose / overdosing
Fentanyl is administered as required by a doctor for a short period, so you are not likely to miss a dose. Also, Overdosing is unlikely too.

Side effects of Fentanyl powder
Fast or slow heart rate
Severe weakness, feeling light-headed or fainting
Weak or shallow breathing
Stiff muscles
Slowed breathing
Muscle stiffness
Slow heart rate
Itching, sweating
Nausea, vomiting
Dizziness, vision problems
High blood pressure
Pounding in your neck or ears
Users should know this list is incomplete and should notify their doctor in case of any other abnormal changes when they start taking Fentanyl.